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  • The CFPB and how it's changing everything

      You've searched for weeks or even months to find a home that you can finally see yourself in. You have negotiated to the best of your ability and put the property under contract. You've been through the inpsection process and settled on a handful of items to be fixed. You've even been prudent and reviewed the title  policy and its exceptions. All thats left is to sit and wait for your financing to come through so you can turn the key to your new home. And you sit. And you wait. The settlement date becomes ever closer as the ...

  • What is a Realtor and why should I care?

    Congratulations! You just received your real estate license in the state of Idaho. You now have the ability to represent buyers and sellers in real estate transactions.
    So are you officially a Realtor now? Well, actually no.
    You are just a real estate licensee, but you may elect to join your local Realtor association if you so choose, but why would you? Don't you already have everything you need? What does the Realtor association have to offer and why would you spend the money every year to be a part of it? How about, ethics, advocacy, education and community ...